Royal Rumble Late Thinking…

This is the most unpredictable Royal Rumble that the WWE has had in years.

What does this mean? A lot more people are going to be interested in it.

John Cena v AJ Styles is happening… not exactly sure who will win.

If Cena wins: 

AJ will probably have to keep losing until Wrestlemania (this is if The Undertaker wins the Royal Rumble and headlines Wrestlemania against a champion)

If Styles wins: 

Cena will probably win the title at the Elimination Chamber PPV. Why?

Well… because there is rumour that The Deadman is retiring at the Granddaddy of them all and the person who would take him out would be none other than the 15x WWE World Champion. In order for that match to actually take place, Cena would need to be champion.

Plus he would then tie with Ric Flair’s record.



Another option could be the Demon King.

This is if (and only if) Finn Bálor is cleared in time for tonight’s PPV.

The Demon King would be the best option to be the successor of The Deadman.

The two could have a showdown in the Rumble (after Bálor makes his return 😀 )

WWE could play with this idea…

The Undertaker could win the Rumble. Bálor wins the Universal Championship just in time for Wrestlemania and the two face each other at the event, only for The Undertaker to lose and announce his retirement.

Or… both the Undertaker and Finn Bálor come up short in the Rumble but then this would be a very delicate situation if WWE still wants the Bálor v Undertaker match at Wrestlemania but it’s quite simple:

The build up on Raw would have to be phenomenal. 

That’s all WWE would have to do.


Chances of Charlotte Flair being defeated tonight are very odd.

This is because of Flair’s amazing PPV win-loss record. Never lost a title on PPV.

Bayley will just have to wait her turn.


Tonight could set up a lot of storylines for the women of SmackDown LIVE.

In their 6-man tag team match, we could see a whole lot of shockers.

There are some uncertainties as to whether Mickie James is here to stay or not, whether Carmella is going to keep going around with James Ellsworth (or actually break some necks with that vicious move of hers 😛 ) or whether Eva Marie still is a member of the SmackDown LIVE women’s roster but this match could set up a whole lot of storylines.

Including a much anticipated Naomi Women’s title run. 😀




These are just some random thoughts that I just had.



Cheese out. 😀


2 thoughts on “Royal Rumble Late Thinking…

  1. It’s such an unpredictable Rumble! Normally by this point we’re able to figure out the WrestleMania matches but The Undertaker has thrown off everything this year because we don’t know who he’ll face or if it’ll be for the championship. Finn Balor throws another wrench in the plans. I’m excited.

    Also, I think I read that Mickie James signed for 3 years.

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  2. Funny how Orton just won the whole thing.
    I know I did not see that coming!
    It was a bit of an anti-climatic ending to the Rumble but it also leaves space for a really good storyline.
    Who knows? Perhaps we could have an Orton v Cena main event match at Wrestlemania?

    If James did sign, it could be seen as good and bad.
    Good in the sense that an incredible athlete is coming back to groom the upcoming superstars, but bad because it would seem as though the WWE does not want to let go of their past.
    This could also raise questions as to whether we are really in ‘The New Era’…


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