Introduction to Wrestling

Hello there. 🙂


There is a lot of wrestling in the world. Different promotions, in different parts of the world, offering different types of wrestling. The most popular promotions can be found in three countries/nations. These are the United States of America, the United Kingdom and Japan. If you are into storylines and Lucha Libre, rather look at US promotions. If you prefer the high flyers technical style, UK is the way to go. If you like strong style and Lucha Libre influenced wrestling; Japan is the place for you. There is something for everyone (another reason to not give up on the business).

I wouldn’t suggest that you start with WWE, unless seeing familiar faces would make this exploration better for you, rather start with independent promotions.

But if you feel as though you would like a relatively new promotion, such as yourself, then you can check out WhatCulture’s very own WCPW.


But in terms of the general wrestling world, there are a few things that one has to know to be able to call themselves a fanatic. Below are some of the things that I believe are the things that you need to know of:

  • Montreal Screwjob
  • Eddie Guerrero’s Death and it’s impact on WWE
  • Vince McMahon’s Death Angle turns into a real memorial for Chris Benoit
  • Owen Hart’s Death
  • The Undertaker’s Streak
  • WWF vs. WCW
  • Transition from WWF to WWE
  • WWE’s poaching of NJPW talent (2016)
  • TNA: The Sinking Ship
  • Promotions to check out
    • WWE
    • NJPW
    • ROH
    • TNA
    • RPW
    • WCPW

What I basically just did right there is give you something to research. 😀

I’m sorry… but I hope it helps you understand and get on track just a little… 🙂


Cheese Out.


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