Premier League Results + Fixtures

Match Results




11 March

Bournemouth v West Ham

3 – 2

11 March

Everton v West Brom

3 – 0

11 March

Hull v Swansea

2 – 1

12 March

Liverpool v Burnley

2 – 1


Date Time Match
18 March 14:30 West Brom v Arsenal
17:00 Crystal Palace v Watford
17:00 Everton v Hull
17:00 Stoke v Chelsea
17:00 Sunderland  Burnley
17:00 West Ham v Leicester
19:30 Bournemouth v Swansea
19 March 14:00 Middlesbrough v Man Utd
16:15 Spurs v Southampton
18:30 Man City v Liverpool

Happy birthday to Mia Hamm, Katie Ledecky, Edin Dzeko, Kyle Korver, Emmanuel Sanders, Samoa Joe, Chris Davis, Shinji Kagawa and Thomas Robinson


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